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Dr Johan Neethling studied at the Saasveld College for Foresters and the University of Stellenbosch.

Educational Qualifications: Dipl (Forestry, one year), Saasveld 1963, BSc. Forestry (Sylviculture) Stell 1968, Hons. BSc. Forestry (Catchment Management) Stell 1969, MSc. Forestry (Forest Soils) Stell 1970, PhD. Forestry (Forest Soils) Stell 1974, Hons B (Public Admin.) (Cum Laude) Stell 1990.

He worked for many years in the Department of Forestry and the Cape Provincial Department of Nature and Environmental Conservation and became the Chief Executive Officer for the latter Department. In his career he was responsible for a wide portfolio including management of plantations, water catchments areas, terrestrial and marine reserves, development of criteria for environmental impact studies, management of fishing harbours, deep-sea and coastal fishery patrols, sport fishing, eco-tourism, provincial resorts, museums and cultural conservation.

He established the JNES firm in 1997 and has since gained wide experience in conducting EIA’s completing more than 300 environmental assessments, environmental management plans and monitoring projects.

Dr Neethling is a member of the International Association of Impact Assessment (South Africa) and a founding member of the Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa. The latter is a precursor to a compulsory accreditation system of Environmental Assessment Practitioners to be promulgated by the authorities in the near future.

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